[Podcast] What Key Performance Indicators Should Be Used to Monitor and Assess Your Transportation Network?


Your supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. Unfortunately, this title is sometimes held by the transportation providers you utilize — companies you rely on to help you deliver for customers. 

Without a well-rounded network of carriers, meeting your business goals will be a constant struggle. Which raises the question: Why is it so difficult to maintain a network of reliable companies? 

Perhaps most importantly though, what key performance indicators should you monitor each provider on to ensure the overall health of your logistics supply chain?

In this episode of Beyond The Road, let’s talk to Derik, a Sales Director with ATS Logistics for some insight into which transportation KPIs truly matter and what, if anything, you can do to improve your company’s partnerships going forward.  

Information covered in this podcast:

  • Which KPIs Truly Matter?
  • How Should You Think About On-Time Performance Monitoring?
  • What is Tender Acceptance and Rejection? Why Does This Metric Matter?
  • Why Does Spot Quote Accuracy Matter? How Should You Measure it?
  • What Does Invoice Accuracy Say About Your= Carrier?
  • What Intangible KPIs Matter?
  • When Does it Make Sense To Cut a Provider Loose?


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Derik Gertken

Written by Derik Gertken

Derik's journey with ATS began in early 2015 when he joined the team as a National Sales Representative. Since that time, Derik's dedication to helping his customers, as well as his co-workers, meet their goals has been unmatched. Today, Derik serves as the Director of Sales for ATS Inc. where he helps ATS' vans sales teams develop partnerships with customers that extend beyond transactional business relationships.

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