[Video] 3 Alternatives to Using 53-Foot Dry Vans With Liftgates

If you feel your shipment might require a dry van that has a liftgate for loading and unloading, this might get expensive. Since there is such a small pool of liftgate-equipped dry van trailers in the transportation industry, this can drive up your rates substantially. 

For this reason, it's beneficial to weigh all of your options for getting this cargo moved and go from there. 

In this video, we'll tell you about three common alternatives to using a 53-foot dry van with liftgates. These aren't your only options, though. 

Check out this article which lists 7 Alternatives to Using a Liftgate to Load Your Full-Truckload Dry Van Freight. If you have any questions, reach out to us here.

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Tony Block

Written by Tony Block

Tony has been with ATS Logistics as a national sales representative since mid-2020. During his time here, Tony's passion for helping shippers of all types meet their deadlines and maintain their budgets has been second to none. His heightened problem-solving skills and ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to meet customer needs plant Tony among the best in the business.

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