[Video] Can I Overhang On a Flatbed Trailer?


When moving flatbed freight it's important to understand the overhang laws that govern these loads. With so many variables weighing into locational overhang thresholds, however, these regulations can be difficult to understand. 

In this video, Justin will tell you exactly what you need to know about flatbed overhang — including what you should expect on your divisible shipments. 

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 What will I learn?
  • 0:39 Can I overhang on a flatbed trailer?
  • 0:50 48 and 53 foot trailers
  • 1:21 Map of legal length guidelines
  • 2:00 Free Resources / Learning Hub

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Justin Werner

Written by Justin Werner

Justin has been with ATS for over 13 years in varying roles. Following a five-year stint as Customer Service Representative with ATS Specialized, Justin began managing various sales and customer services teams where he prioritized putting the needs of customers first, day in and out. Today, as the Director of Regional Accounts & US/Mexico Operations for ATS Specialized, Justin's commitment to maintaining strong customer and professional relationships has only grown as he looks to provide a truly invaluable service at the highest possible level.

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