[Video] Busted: Debunking 8 Common Freight Brokerage Myths


The business of freight brokerage can sometimes feel confusing. How do freight brokers make money and find carriers? Don't they typically price gouge their customers in the hopes of turning a profit at their expense? Should you be leery of trusting a broker with your shipments?

These, and questions like these, commonly pop to the top of shippers' minds when they think of working with a freight broker.

But what's true and what's not?

In this video, Crystal and Eli will debunk the 8 most common freight brokerage misconceptions and leave you with some tools to help you better understand the interworkings of these transportation providers.

Video Chapters: 

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video? 
  • 0:52 Myth #1: Freight Brokers Try to Increase Their Margin 
  • 2:25 Myth #2: You Won't Get Quality Carriers With a Broker 
  • 3:49 Myth #3: Freight Brokers Can't Hold Carriers Accountable 
  • 5:11 Myth #4: It Costs More to Work With a Brokerage 
  • 6:17 Myth #5: Brokers Won't Stand By Their Quoted Rates 
  • 8:41 Myth #6: Brokers Respond Slowly When Things Go Wrong 
  • 10:08 Myth #7: Freight Brokers Can't Offer Load-Tracking Capabilities
  • 12:06 Myth #8: Freight Brokers Can't Find Capacity Efficiently


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#4 What Are Spot Market Quotes and How Does a Freight Brokerage Use Them? 

#5 What Does Cheap Freight Shipping Really Cost You? 

#6 Why Do Freight Brokers Fall Through? (and how to hold them accountable) 

#7 How Do Freight Brokers Track Shipments?

#8 What Are The Different Types of Freight Brokers? 

Speak To a Transportation Expert Today! 

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Crystal Lahr

Written by Crystal Lahr

Crystal is the vice president of corporate sales for ATS Logistics, where she develops business plans and strategies, among other things, to promote the continued success and growth of ATS Logistics. Since coming to ATS in 2012, Crystal has served in several positions, including Regional Carrier Representative and National Sales Representative, before earning her way to director. Watch Crystal's Bio Video: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/4cyfataDrLRiHy9WGvgN6z?

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