[Video] How Do Freight Brokers Track Shipments?

Freight brokerage companies are capable of providing top-of-the-line transportation services. From dry van shipping to heavy haul trucking, if you have freight to move, a great freight broker will be able to help you do so.

But can freight brokers grant you the visibility you need? Is load-tracking possible when working with one?

In this video, Aaron will explain the three main ways that freight brokers give their customers the information they need.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video? 
  • 1:02 What is load tracking? 
  • 1:40 Tracking with ELDs 
  • 1:56 Tracking with mobile applications 
  • 2:20 Tracking with regular phone call updates 
  • 2:40 What are the advantages of load tracking? 
  • 3:45 Wrap-up

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Aaron Winter

Written by Aaron Winter

Aaron has been with ATS as a national sales representative since July 2018. During this time, Aaron has enjoyed using his finely-tuned analytical skills and industry knowledge to solve his customers' problems. He also has a passion for mentoring other sales reps and acted as a mentor in ATS' inaugural national sales representative mentorship program.

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