[Video] Pros and Cons of Stacking Pallets in a Dry Van Trailer

When loading a dry van trailer, one of the biggest decisions shippers have to make is whether to stack pallets or not. There are pros and cons to doing so and understanding them can help shippers make the best choice for their specific needs.

On one hand, stacking pallets can save space and allow for more efficient use of the trailer. On the other, it can increase the risk of damaged goods and may not be suitable for every type of product. By taking the time to weigh these factors, shippers can ensure cargo arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Knowing the pros and cons of stacking pallets can be especially valuable for businesses that ship a high volume of palletized goods. By understanding the potential risks and benefits, these companies can make informed decisions and optimize their supply chains while reducing costs.

Whether you're a small business owner or a logistics professional, having a solid understanding of loading best practices can help you make the most of your resources and deliver the best service to your customers. So if you are looking to improve your shipping practices, be sure to check out the video above for some insights and tips.

Here are a few more resources for shipping palletized goods:

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Josh Rivers

Written by Josh Rivers

Josh has been with ATS for over six years, in a number of positions. Today, as an ATS Logistics sales team manager, Josh enjoys helping his team of sales representatives develop the skills their customers need and creating a culture of excellence within a group of talented transportation experts.

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