Josh Rivers

Josh has been with ATS for over six years, in a number of positions. Today, as an ATS Logistics sales team manager, Josh enjoys helping his team of sales representatives develop the skills their customers need and creating a culture of excellence within a group of talented transportation experts.
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[Video] Top 5 Logistics Conferences in 2024

Posted by Josh Rivers on Jan 16, 2024 10:56:32 AM

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[Podcast] February 2024 Trucking Industry Update: What You Should Know

Posted by Josh Rivers on Jan 10, 2024 11:46:58 AM

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[Podcast] January 2024 Freight Market Forecast: How to Prepare as a Shipper In January

Posted by Josh Rivers on Dec 12, 2023 12:21:30 PM

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[Podcast] December 2023 Trucking Industry Market Update

Posted by Josh Rivers on Nov 16, 2023 10:18:46 AM

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[Podcast] November 2023 Transportation Industry Update

Posted by Josh Rivers on Oct 23, 2023 9:40:29 AM

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[Podcast] October Transportation Industry 2023 Forecast and Planning Tips

Posted by Josh Rivers on Sep 19, 2023 4:10:34 PM

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[Video] How to Prepare for Shipping During Hurricane Season

Posted by Josh Rivers on Aug 23, 2023 3:50:00 PM

Are you ready for hurricane season? Even if you're in a land-locked state, hurricane season is likely to impact your supply chain. Now is the time to prepare so you aren't worrying about shipments..

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[Podcast] September 2023 Trucking Industry Update

Posted by Josh Rivers on Aug 16, 2023 9:51:19 AM

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[Video] Construction Season Freight Shipping Tips

Posted by Josh Rivers on Aug 8, 2023 4:15:43 PM

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Dry Van Shipping vs. Rail Shipping: A Pros and Cons Comparison

Posted by Josh Rivers on Jul 11, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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