[Video] What Are Incoterms?

International commercial (Inco) terms are an essential piece of international trade as they set the terms of each transaction. It's important to outline which party is responsible for what at every step in your shipping process. That way, you can avoid costly delays and ensure everything is in place for efficient international transit. 

Incoterms can be confusing, especially if you're new to shipping international cargo. The impact of misunderstanding anything in this process (a process near and dear to your business) can't be overstated. 

In this video, you'll learn what Incoterms are and their role in your logistics processes going forward. 

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Andrew Pearson

Written by Andrew Pearson

International Sales Representative, Andrew Pearson started his journey with ATS International in May 2022. Although he's relatively new to the international transportation marketplace, Andrew's analytic, interpersonal and problem-solving skills have made his time within it successful. Today, Andrew enjoys the fresh challenge each day at ATS International brings and values the relationships he's built with clients, vendors and coworkers above all.

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