[Video] What is a Food-Grade Trailer?

As a company that ships food for both human and animal consumption, you've got a pretty important job! I mean, tons of people (and animals) consume on your products, so it's crucial that you prioritize safety every step of the way, from your production facilities to the store shelves.

One key aspect of keeping your food safe to eat following transit is making sure you use food-grade trailers. Though these trailers are important for maintaining the quality of your products, they're also necessary for ensuring that everything you're distributing is safe to eat. Trust us, you don't want to risk spoiling your goods or damaging them during transport because of a poorly-maintained trailer.

In this video, you'll learn more about food-grade trailers including why they're an important part of many supply chains.

Want to learn more about improving your food and beverage transportation supply chain? Check out these tools:

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Josh Rivers

Written by Josh Rivers

Josh has been with ATS for over six years, in a number of positions. Today, as an ATS Logistics sales team manager, Josh enjoys helping his team of sales representatives develop the skills their customers need and creating a culture of excellence within a group of talented transportation experts.

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