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    What Is the Difference Between Pad-Wrap Services and Blanket-Wrap Shipping?

    Pad-wrap services and blanket-wrap shipping are the same thing. When a carrier offers these services, what they are offering consists of wrapping freight, typically larger, unboxed items, with large padded blankets. The freight is then strapped in to what should be an air-ride trailer for an added buffer of protection from rough roads.

    Items often transported by blanket-wrap shipping companies:

    • Fitness equipment
    • Lab equipment and other fragile machinery
    • Furniture: hotel furniture, residential furniture, household goods, school furniture
    • Store fixtures

    Blanket-wrap carriers who take it to the next level of service

    There are carriers who offer blanket-wrap services and then there are blanket-wrap carriers. What makes the difference is the level of service and specialization. These are things to consider as you’re looking to book your next pad or blanket-wrap service:

    • Ramp or liftgate service: The places you’re loading and unloading may not have a dock. Use a ramp to reduce the risk of damage when getting your freight in and out of the trailer.
    • Drop trailer services: With items as fragile or precious as what you’re moving, you don’t want to rush to load and unload them. Drop trailer services allow you to load on your time without having to pay an extra fee to have a Driver wait for the job to be done.
    • Dedicated equipment and resources: Above and beyond drop trailer services, some carriers can provide the padded blankets and other necessary equipment to load on a schedule that works for you, whether they’re in the trailer or stay on your docks. Many reputable carriers will also have teams dedicated to various markets, including blanket or pad-wrap shipping.
    • White-glove service: Get your freight delivered in your home, even in the room you want it in, with all packing materials removed and basic assembly completed.

    Do white-glove service and blanket-wrap shipping go hand in hand?

    Not necessarily. While white-glove service is an offering of blanket and pad-wrap shipping, it isn’t generally included in your quote unless specifically asked for.

    Get your freight handled with care

    When you’re ready to move your fitness equipment, lab equipment, furniture or other fragile pieces, pad or blanket-wrap shipping is likely the solution. Using padded blankets reduces not only the cost you’d pay to crate or package your large item, but it’s also a more eco-friendly solution. You can quickly reduce costs and claims with pad or blanket-wrap shipping.


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