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ATS Rocks: From granite quarry to Oklahoma City

ATS recently hauled massive boulders from Cold Spring, Minnesota, to the new Pedestrian Plaza, located in the heart of Oklahoma City’s business district.

The egg-shaped granite boulders, the largest weighing 115,000 pounds, came from Coldspring’s quarry located near Rockville, Minnesota. The boulders were sawed, carved and prepared for shipping at Coldspring’s facility. Researchers claim that some of the boulders could be over a billion years old. The engineering and design of these monster rocks were executed by Coldspring’s design team working in conjunction with project architect, Scott Murase, and the project team in Oklahoma City. In spite of their size, these stones transformed into pieces of art, and because they could be easily damaged, transporting them required the utmost care.

Coldspring turned to their long-time transportation partner, ATS, to ship the gigantic, but delicate pieces. “We knew we needed a partner that had capabilities to handle the large size of these boulders,” said Jason Sprenger, Project Manager at Coldspring, “Additionally, there was a lot of coordination that took place to ensure multiple deliveries were made in a timely matter, so having a reliable partner to deliver according to our schedule was essential.” ATS’ experience and special handling expertise assured Coldspring and the Oklahoma project team their boulders would be safe and secure in their delivery to the project site in Oklahoma City.

The stones will be used in fountains and benches in the project. The finished bench stones range from 6 to 12 tons. The larger stones for the water feature will be the focal point of the Pedestrian Plaza.