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The Road Ahead

On December 18, 2017, Drivers operating in the US will be required by the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to use electronic log devices (ELD) to record their hours of service.

100% of the ATS asset fleet was equipped with electronic logs by June of 2012, more than 5 years before the required compliance deadline. Why did we adopt so early? While there were certainly financial and internal operations implications involved, the spirit of the compliance improvement was to help make the work environment and our roadways safer for everyone involved. The well-being of our Drivers, the freight they carry and of course, the general public are always top priorities at ATS, so the decision to move toward compliance sooner, rather than later was an easy one to make.

Now that that eve of the final deadline draws near and all carriers will soon need to comply, shippers will likely feel some impact and need to be prepared.

While ATS has been compliant for years, there are many carriers in the market who are just now coming on board. That will mean tighter capacity as carriers adjust to the change and work to find available Drivers.  Electronic reporting means data on hours of service is concrete and inaccurate data is eliminated (at ATS, our in-house Planning and Fleet Management teams have full visibility to Driver’s hours of service all the time). In general, Drivers operating under the mandate may be under much more pressure to maintain hours within the requirements.

Shippers can be more prepared by being more planful and flexible with pick-up and delivery windows to ensure their loads get covered. Proximity of parking and transit time to their loading docks as well as Driver wait times are also important considerations that impact a Driver’s hours of service. Open communication and quality relationships with transportation partners are more important now than ever as we move through this industry shift.

Our early integration of electronic logs has allowed us to adjust to the change gradually and be fully prepared to operate through the industry transition with little or no interruption in our service to you. ATS stands ready to be your go-to transportation resource, with the consistent service you need and experienced Drivers and a fleet that are already fully compliant. We’re here for you every mile of the way and ready to assist you with any transportation challenge that lies ahead.