Ben Mikelson

Ben has been part of the ATS team since 2014. He now manages a team of five and works to help them find solutions for customers. His biggest takeaway for the transportation industry is how it impacts every aspect of daily life.
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How to Make Handling Requests to a Freight Carrier

Posted by Ben Mikelson on Dec 13, 2023 8:56:00 AM

In the trucking industry, there are very few loads that don’t have some degree of special requests, such as: 

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What Drives the Price of Freight Shipping?

Posted by Ben Mikelson on Nov 23, 2023 9:00:00 AM

In any business, understanding pricing is critical. Is it okay to go with the cheapest option, or will that cause more problems down the road? Why is the price from last week different from the price today?..

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What Happens When Freight Is Held Hostage for Payment?

Posted by Ben Mikelson on Oct 9, 2023 9:41:29 AM

“Held hostage” refers to freight that is in transit, and the driver or carrier/broker is refusing to complete the delivery until their demands are met. This is a rare situation, but understandably fraught for..

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