The Trucking Industry in July 2024: What You Should Know

Port of Baltimore Reopening: What to Expect

Enterprise Shipping Solutions: What They Are and How You Can Benefit

What Happens When Canada Border Agents Strike?

What Are Incoterms? International Commercial Terms Meanings and Usages

Understanding Air Cargo Shipments: A Freight Shipper’s Guide

Why Is Local Oversize Permitting So Hard?

The Trucking Industry in June 2024: What You Should Know

Dedicated Lanes for Carriers: Pros, Cons, and How a Broker Can Help

[Podcast] June 2024 Transportation Industry Update and Forecast

Which States Have Oversize Freight Restrictions for Memorial Day 2024?

The Pros and Cons of Conestoga Trailers

4th of July 2024 Oversize Freight Travel Restrictions by State

What is a Conestoga Trailer?

California Emissions Regulations: What Freight Shippers Need to Know

From Headlines to Headaches: How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Disruptive Events

What Are the Legal Axle Weight Limits for Commercial Trucks?

[Podcast] Flatbed Forecast: May 2024 Trucking Industry Update For Shippers

Comparing TWIC & TSA Certification: What’s the Difference?

Requesting a Warehousing Quote: What Shippers Need to Know

Same-Day Shipments: Do's, Don'ts, & Tips for Success

Which States Have Oversize Freight Restrictions For The 2024 Eclipse?

How Port Closures Impact Domestic & International Shipping

[Podcast] Trucking Industry in April 2024: Let's Talk About Open-Deck Trucking

Shrink Wrap vs. Tarps: Which Is Better For Your Freight?

Police Escorts 101: What to Know About Patrol Requirements for Freight

What Is a Moving Floor Trailer?

What Is a Blind Shipment? The Top 7 Blind Shipping Questions, Answered

What is an Asset Carrier with Brokerage Authority?

How Can I Track My Freight? Load Tracking 101 for Shippers

Headhaul vs. Backhaul: Definitions & Their Effect on Shipping Costs

Having Multiple Carriers in an Area: Pros, Cons & How to Choose

Dry Van vs. Flatbed Shipping: Which is More Expensive & Why?

[Podcast] Trucking Industry in March 2024: Let's Talk Freight Rates

Freight Shipping To and From Dallas, TX: A Closer Look

Freight Shipping To and From San Antonio, TX: A Closer Look

Freight Shipping To and From Houston, Texas: A Closer Look

Draying a Container to Its Final Destination vs. Stripping It at a Warehouse First

[Video] Paul Pfeiffer's 2024 Truckload Transportation Industry Forecast

[Video] Top 5 Logistics Conferences in 2024

6 Certifications a Truck Driver May Need to Haul Your Freight (and Why)

[Podcast] February 2024 Trucking Industry Update: What You Should Know

Truckload Transportation Industry Forecast 2024

[Video] ATS' Tarps Explained (General-Use Tarps vs. Drop Tarps)

How to Make Handling Requests to a Freight Carrier

[Podcast] January 2024 Freight Market Forecast: How to Prepare as a Shipper In January

Tarping Flatbed Freight In Winter: Problems, Alternatives and Other Ways to Protect Your Freight

Floor-Loaded vs. Palletized Freight: A Pros and Cons Comparison

Private Fleet vs. Outsourced Trucking Services: A Head-to-Head Comparison

[Video] Hazmat Freight Shipping: 3 Key Insights

[Video] Common Freight Accessorial Charges and How to Avoid Them

Why Does Freight Get Rejected Upon Delivery? (And Tips for Avoiding Rejected Cargo)

When Freight Shipping Goes Wrong: How to Avoid and Address Problems

Christmas Holiday Oversized Freight Travel Restrictions By State (2023)

Using Multi-Axle Trailers for Heavy-Haul Freight

[Video] Tips For Avoiding Jobsite Pick-Up and Delivery Problems

What Drives the Price of Freight Shipping?

The Trucking Industry in December 2023: What you should know

Shipping Freight To and From Atlanta: A Closer Look

How Long Weekends Impact Freight Shipping

[Podcast] December 2023 Trucking Industry Market Update

Protect Your Freight with Cargo Insurance: How Much You Need and How to Get More

[Video] Legal Freight Height East and West of the Mississippi River

Shipping Freight To and From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A Closer Look

[Podcast] Freight Rates 2023: A Pricing Manager's Transportation Market Analysis

Shipping Freight To and From Charlotte, North Carolina: A Closer Look

Freight Measurements Matter: Dimensions and Piece Count in Freight Shipping

Shipping To and From Columbus, Ohio: A Closer Look

Chain Laws By State: What Are Tire Chains, and How Do They Impact Trucking?

[Podcast] November 2023 Transportation Industry Update

Veterans Day Oversize Freight Travel Restrictions by State 2023

Local Carriers vs. Over-The-Road Carriers: Which Is Right for Your Freight?

[Video] What is a Step-Deck Trailer?

The Trucking Industry in November 2023: What you should know

Dry Van Trailer Floors: Wood vs. Aluminum Flooring

Why Carriers Decline Multi-Stop Shipments

What Happens When Freight Is Held Hostage for Payment?

What Happens to the Trucking Industry During a Government Shutdown?

Winter Freight Shipping: What Changes and Tips for Effective Preparation

Can I Save Money with a Digital Freight Broker? An Overview of AI and Tech in Trucking

How to Successfully Ship Critical Freight

How to Avoid Jobsite Pick-Up and Delivery Problems

Which States Have Oversize Freight Restrictions on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023?

Legal Freight Height East and West of the Mississippi River

Best Practices for Shipping Hazmat Freight

[Video] 2023 Transportation Industry Mid-Year Market Update

The Trucking Industry In October 2023: What you should know

[Podcast] October Transportation Industry 2023 Forecast and Planning Tips

How to Evaluate a Transportation Provider

How to Deal With Point of Contact Changes at Your Freight Carrier

What Are Step-Deck Load Levelers? Definitions, Uses, Pros and Cons

Cargo Theft: What It Is, How to Prevent It, What To Do If It Happens to You

Truck Driver Appreciation Week: How to Thank Drivers

Freight Rate Spot Quotes: How to Get One, How to Compare Them and Negotiation Tips

3 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

How Much Does Short-Haul Freight Shipping Cost? What Sets Rates, How You Can Save

How to Prepare Freight for Shipping: Specify and Measure

How to Ship a Forklift: The Options and Challenges

First Come First Serve (FCFS) vs. Appointment Pickup and Delivery Freight Scheduling

Legal Freight Limits: Trucking Industry Weight, Width, Height and Length Limits

[Video] How to Prepare for Shipping During Hurricane Season

Do I Need a Loading Dock? Definitions, Options, Alternatives

Labor Day Oversize Freight Hauling Restrictions by State 2023

Transportation Industry 2023 Mid-Year Market Update

Everything You Need to Know to Transport Freight In and Out of a Port

[Podcast] September 2023 Trucking Industry Update

What Is Ship Chartering? (How and When to Use International Vessel Charters)

Cargo Securement: How Carriers Keep Your Freight Safe

LTL Freight Claims: How to File One and How to Avoid LTL Cargo Damage

[Video] Construction Season Freight Shipping Tips

Safely Shipping Metal Coils: Eye to the Sky vs. Eye to the Side Securement

What Is a Step-Deck Trailer? Definition, Alternatives, Pros and Cons

What Is Transloading? How to Do It, When to Do It, How to Choose a Provider

[Video] 5 Tips for Stacking Pallets in a Dry Van Trailer

Dry Van Shipping: The Pros, The Cons, The Alternatives

How to Prepare for Shipping During Hurricane Season

Truck Breakdowns: Why They Happen, What Shippers Can Do If They Happen

The Best Way to Avoid Additional Charges in the Trucking Industry

Dry Van Shipping vs. Rail Shipping: A Pros and Cons Comparison

8 Warehousing and Transloading Providers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2024

[Video] Why do Freight Brokers Fall Through?

[Video] Pros and Cons of Stacking Pallets in a Dry Van Trailer

10 Busiest U.S. Ports in 2024 (and How to Choose One)

Construction Season: When it Starts and How it Impacts Open-Deck Freight Shipping

[Video] 3 Tips for Choosing a Transportation Provider

[Video] What Are Incoterms?

How to Ship a Crane (4 Things to Prioritize)

The Pros and Cons of Using a Freight Brokerage to Ship Your LTL Freight

[Video] What is Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) Shipping?

[Video] Pros and Cons of Working With a Small Freight Brokerage

[Video] Pros and Cons of Working With Large Freight Brokerages

[Podcast] May Trucking Industry Market Update: What Shippers Should Keep in Mind This Year

What is Dedicated Transportation Service? (Definition, Pros, Cons)

[Video] Container Detention and Container Demurrage: What Are They?

How Does a Trucking Company Determine Your Shipment’s Route?

[Video] What is a Food-Grade Trailer?

How Many Shipments Can a Freight Broker Handle Out of One Location in a Day?

The Pros and Cons of Shipping Freight Using a Small Trucking Company

[Podcast] April 2023 Trucking Industry Market Forecast: What You Should Know

What Does Free on Board (FOB) Mean in Freight Shipping?

[Video] Divisible vs. Non-Divisible Loads: What's the Difference?

What is a Food-Grade Trailer?

The Trucking Industry in April 2024: What you should know

[Video] What is an International Liner Service?

Container Demurrage vs. Container Detention: What’s the Difference?

5 Things to Understand When Making Pickup Arrangements For Your Port Freight

Why Do Contract Freight Rates Change? (2 Reasons Your Rate May Need Adjustment)

What is a Liner Service in International Shipping?

[Video] What is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider? (Definition, Pros and Cons)

The Pros and Cons of Adding a New Transportation Provider Mid-Cycle

Shipping Freight to a Trade Show: 4 Keys to Success

6 Steps for Onboarding a New Transportation Provider

[Podcast] March 2023 Trucking Industry Forecast: an Overview of What to Expect This Spring

[Video] U.S. Customs Clearance Process (6 Steps to Know)

The Pros and Cons of Shipping Freight Using a Large Trucking Company

What Can You Ship in a Dry Van Trailer? (A List of Common Dry Van Commodities)

What Kinds of Pallets Are Used for Freight Shipping?

What is a Layover Fee in Trucking?

[Video] How Low Can Freight Rates Go? (3 Factors That Set the Floor)

5 Common Ways to Tender Freight: a Head-to-Head Comparison

The Trucking Industry in February 2024: What you should know

[Podcast] February 2023 Trucking Industry Forecast: What We Expect Transportation to Look Like in February

[Video] Why Truck Driver Experience and Quality Should Matter to You

[Video] 2023 Transportation Industry Forecast

[Video] 3 Advantages of Receiving Multiple Quotes For Your Freight Shipments

Engineering Services for Heavy Haul Permits: What They Are, How Much They Cost & When You Need Them

Reasonable Dispatch Standards: What They Are and Why They’re Important

How Location and Time of Year Impact Refrigerated Freight Shipping

[Video] What Are Trailer Seals and Why Are They Important?

[Video] Standard Vs. Routed Export Shipments: What's The Difference?

New Year’s Day 2024 Oversized Freight Travel Restrictions By State

[Podcast] The Trucking Industry in January: What to Know and How to Plan

The Trucking Industry in January 2024: What you should know

[Video] 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Flatbed Freight Rates

[Video] How Do You Get a TSA Certification?

How Low Can Freight Rates Realistically Go? (6 Factors That Set the Floor on Rates)

[Video] Shipping to a Trade Show, Expo or Convention: What to Know

How to Explain the Cost of Shipping to Your Boss: A Breakdown of the Factors Driving Freight Rates

[Video] Transloading Freight: Pros and Cons

Hazmat Freight Rates: Why Location Matters

How to Get Started Managing a Transportation Supply Chain: 8 Priorities

What Equipment Do Semi Truck Drivers Usually Keep On Hand?

[Video] Co-Brokering Vs. Double Brokering: What's the Difference?

[Video] Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Vs. Partial Truckload (PTL) Shipping

Thanksgiving 2023 Oversized Freight Travel Restrictions By State

[Video] Retail and General Merchandise Shipping (2 Tips For Success)

Common Transportation Industry Market Cycles: What They Are and What They Mean For You

[Video] 3 Alternatives to Using 53-Foot Dry Vans With Liftgates

[Podcast] December Transportation Industry Market Update 2022: What to Know and How to Plan

[Video] How Does Winter Weather Affect The Trucking Industry?

2023 Transportation Industry Market Forecast: Where We’re at Now and a Look Ahead

What’s Going On With the Diesel Shortage? (Explanation, Forecast, Planning Tips)

[Video] Contract Vs. Spot Rates: What They Are and How They Differ

15 Great Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2024

Small Freight Shipment Service Guide [An Overview of Your Options]

Project Freight Pickup and Delivery Planning Guide

8 Red Flags to Watch For When Choosing a Heavy Haul Carrier

[Podcast] The Trucking Industry in November 2022: What You Should Know About Shipping Freight This Month

[Video] What is Breakbulk Shipping?

[Video] What is a SmartWay Certification?

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