Cari Woitalla

As a project operations and planning manager, Cari manages all aspects of the ATS Projects team, including both wind and non-wind-related projects. Cari began working for ATS in 1998 as a carrier representative in ATS Logistics. She executed her first comprehensive wind project in 2004 and joined the ATS Project team when it was created in 2005.

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[Video] Top 5 Questions Your Wind Carrier May Ask You

Posted by Cari Woitalla on Jun 16, 2022 1:26:59 PM

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6 Best Practices to Ensure Success on Your Next Project

Posted by Cari Woitalla on Feb 8, 2022 9:09:00 AM

When it comes to planning projects, there are a lot of variables that can be the difference between success and failure. Some things, like the weather, are out of your control. But there are several things you..

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Top 6 Advantages of Working Directly With a Carrier for Project Transportation

Posted by Cari Woitalla on Feb 1, 2022 9:46:00 AM

When it comes to executing your projects, it’s vital that everything goes as smoothly as possible. And if you’re the person responsible for developing the project, that probably means you have a say in all..

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