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    Joanna Jungels & Leah Kuechle

    Joanna is the over-dimensional permits manager for ATS’ Specialized fleet and Leah is the over-dimensional permits manager for ATS’ Heavy Haul fleet. The two have been working in collaboration at ATS since 2008, where they oversee teams of specialists in over-dimensional permits. Together with the ATS Technical Services team and route survey specialists, among others, their teams work to find the safest and most efficient routes to transport oversized freight. In 2019, their teams ordered more than 85,000 permits — adding up to more than 12 million permitted miles — which is more than some state permit departments will issue in a year.

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    The Intricacies of Route Planning in Oversized Shipping Explained

    Posted by Joanna Jungels & Leah Kuechle on Sep 8, 2020 8:10:08 AM

    Shipping heavy items from point A to point B is always more complex than it appears. Behind every successful oversized shipping project, you’ll find dozens of shipping and transportation professionals..

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    ATS has a history of finding solutions to challenging transportation problems. When you’re ready to work with a transportation partner that has your best interests in mind, look to ATS.

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