Stacey Thielen

Stacey has been with ATS Specialized — the specialized open-deck division of Anderson Trucking Service — since May 2020. For a little over two years, Stacey held the role of regional account representative where she helped customers meet their business goals and deadlines through solid partnership, quality service and industry-leading attention to detail. In May 2022, Stacey accepted the role of senior regional account representative, stepping into a senior position where she lends her skills and knowledge of key transportation-industry topics to those around her to make ATS Specialized a more well-rounded partner for everyone. While there are many things Stacey loves about her work, the relationships she's built — both internally and externally — consistently top the list.
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How Does a Trucking Company Determine Your Shipment’s Route?

Posted by Stacey Thielen on Apr 5, 2023 10:00:00 AM

It’s your job to understand the intricate details of the trucking marketplace: its cycles and the factors influencing freight rates. This knowledge helps you adjust your logistics strategy, better collaborate..

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