[Video] How Are Freight Shipping Costs Calculated?

The amount of money it costs to get your freight moved is subject to a number of factors. In this video, Mike will outline how the price you pay for your shipments is actually calculated to help you understand the interplay between these factors as you plan for future shipments.

Here are the top 5 factors that influence the price you pay for your freight as outlined in this video:

0:55 - Factor 1: Supply and Demand

1:56 - Factor 2: The Urgency of Your Shipment

3:02 - Factor 3: Your Freight's Length of Haul

5:04 - Factor 4: Inclement Weather

5:48 - Factor 5: Your Freight's Final Destination

To learn more about what impacts freight shipping costs, check out these blogs:

Mike Zarns

Written by Mike Zarns

Mike started with ATS in 2011 and was onboarded as a carrier representative covering loads. A year later, he transitioned into sales, and in 2015 he moved into management. Mike has a passion for helping customers and employees by finding unique solutions to their problems.

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