[Video] What Are Spot Quotes and How Does a Freight Brokerage Use Them?

If you've routed freight in the past, it's highly likely that you've been given a spot-quoted rate for your shipment. These rates fluctuate frequently as they're subject to a number of dynamic price-dictating variables.

That said, the more you understand about the spot rates you're given, the better off you'll be to maximize your shipping budget.

In this video, Dean explains exactly what spot quotes are, how a freight brokerage uses them to find the truck capacity you need and what you can do to make sure you're given the best quote possible.

For your convenience, this video is broken up into the following sections:

  • What Are Spot Quotes/Rates? - 0:38
  • Spot Quotes vs. Contract Rates - 1:12
  • Who Are Spot Rates Best For? - 1:51
  • What Are The Main Aspects of Spot Quotes? - 2:25
  • How Do You Get The Best Spot Quote Possible? - 3:37

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Dean Pasek

Written by Dean Pasek

Dean has been with ATS since 2018, beginning as a sales representative for ATS Logistics. Now a sales manager, he continues to build a team of sales professionals and develops a solid book of business with his team. He enjoys creating and growing strong relationships with all customers.

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