[Video] Why do Freight Brokers Fall Through?

Freight brokerage companies are kind of a dime a dozen these days. The U.S. has thousands of freight brokers currently in operation. Honestly, the barriers to creating a new brokerage firm are really low. 

For this reason, not every freight brokerage is cut from the same cloth. Many of them aren't capable of providing reliable transportation services, especially when a mishap occurs (mishaps that well-established brokers handle easily). 

If you've ever worked with a freight brokerage, you may have experienced shoddy service. That said, some brokers can actually follow through on the commitments they make. In this video, you'll learn the main reasons a freight broker may fail on your load, and what you can do to avoid these problems going forward. 

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Christopher Matuska

Written by Christopher Matuska

Christopher has been with ATS Logistics as a national sales representative since 2018. During this time, Christopher has developed relationships with his clients that extend beyond the business of freight. Trust, transparency and communication are all things that Christopher works to foster in his relationships with clients as he works to put their needs first every time.

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