6 Key Factors for Choosing the Right Carrier

When it comes to maintaining quality service in an increasingly demanding market, not all carriers are created equal. As you evaluate carriers, help your supply chain shine by considering these factors to determine if the transportation partner you choose can take the heat.


  • Does the carrier have the flexibility and network to deliver service quickly to accommodate fluctuations in production schedules?
  • What internal resources does the carrier have to help manage volume growth from an administrative/operational standpoint?
  • How quickly and consistently can they respond to short-turn needs?

Warehousing/Inventory Management

  • Does the carrier offer solutions to store excess inventory awaiting timed deliveries for larger projects?
  • If so, what, where and how many?
  • In addition to warehousing space, does the carrier offer other inventory management capabilities?

Nationwide Network & Reach

  • What is the size/reach of the carrier’s network in North America?
  • Does their physical footprint of available truck capacity and terminal and trailer yards reasonably match your distribution network?
  • Is the carrier’s network supported by company-owned trucks?

Responsiveness & Visibility

  • How quickly can the carrier have capacity at your dock on short notice?
  • Is the carrier able to accommodate multiple pickup/delivery points within project timelines?
  • Do they assist with delivery staging and inventory management to ensure timely delivery within project timelines?
  • What tracking options does the carrier offer? Do you get real-time visibility for each load?

Turnkey Services & Support

  • How will your account be managed by the carrier? Do you receive one point of contact?
  • Is a consistent team dedicated to supporting your individual needs over time?
  • What services beyond physical shipping does the carrier offer (i.e. project management, carrier management, routing, permitting, etc.)? Are these services available in-house or are they outsourced?
  • What measures are in place to monitor carrier quality and ensure accountability?



Written by ATS

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