Scott Cromer

Scott is the southeast regional office manager for ATS Logistics, where he oversees the Greenville, South Carolina sales and operations office, and the Charleston, South Carolina and Cincinnati, Ohio warehouses. Scott joined ATS 10 years ago to serve in his current role, but has been a part of the transportation industry for nearly four decades.
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The Trucking Industry in December 2022: What you should know

Posted by Scott Cromer on Nov 24, 2021 10:00:00 AM

It’s been 11 months since you last experienced a December day, inhaled December air, felt December’s company. Have you missed its presence? In the grand scheme of existence, 11 months isn’t really that long. 

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The Trucking Industry In October 2022: What you should know

Posted by Scott Cromer on Sep 29, 2021 10:00:21 AM

Ahhh. We made it to the first double-digit month of the year. To the second phase of fall, 92 days before the end of quarter four, to October. 

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Protect Your Freight by Packing, Crating & Storing Before Shipping

Posted by Scott Cromer on Oct 12, 2020 9:26:00 AM

When shipping sensitive, fragile, expensive — or all of the above — cargo overseas, it’s important to ensure it’s properly protected. Whether it’s the salty sea air or the turbulent waves, cargo on a vessel..

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